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Crazy Morning

flowersThe other morning, at 9ish, Audrey came in to wake me after hubby finally heard them and got them up. I raced outside with 4 big donation bags for Disabled American Vets because they were coming through the neighborhood today. When Brian left for inspections about 40 minutes later, the bags were gone—except for the books—and there was no receipt on the door, which could only mean one thing: the tweakers nabbed our donation! Alfonso, our sweet neighbor confirmed that someone from “the tweak house”—the house across the street and to the left— lurched over and snaked ’em. This had me inordinately depressed because I had dug semi-deep for xmas—including lots of toys—and now I could only assume they’ll mostly get thrown out.

A little while later I was in bathroom for literally one minute and when I came out the girls were on the rolling cart in the kitchen, reaching over the cutout in the wall. I took them down, then discovered they had completely crumpled up and torn one of their favorite books. When I looked up from the book I realized they had—from the rolling cart—hurled my lovely Xmas bouquet onto the carpet in the living room. This mama’s head was simmering pretty good now. I locked them in their sleep tents to clean up without interference.

No more than 30 seconds had passed before I heard Ray Ray yelling “Poo poo!” I rushed in to find she had made a softball-sized crapload in her pants. I got THAT half cleaned up—the flowers and water would have to wait—when there was a knock on the door. I answered in a flurry expecting UPS, instead finding a young man bearing holiday gifties from a vendor of our termite business! I apologized for my appearance and attitude (not mentioning the poopy smell surely emanating from me) and collected huge vats of goodies from him.

I spent the next couple hours after girls went down for naps rapid-firing Danish butter cookies into my maw while trying to tackle some accounting. I will be sharing them with family next week, after I expand my waistline an inch!

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