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Potty Training Twins, Part Who Cares? I Mean Really, When Will It End?

on January 9, 2013
Audrey swears this guy is wearing a diaper. See? I'm not the only one obsessed.

Audrey swears this guy is wearing a diaper. See? I’m not the only one obsessed.

I know. Listen, nobody is more sick of my singular potty focus than me, trust me. But I must regale you with more torturous accounts of my pain. Because I’ve got little else. Singular. Focus.

For most of December we had  far fewer issues, and life got a less hectic. Then Audrey developed some kind of fear of pooping on the potty.  After being my potty champion—even using the loud and scary public restrooms on the road (with seat covers and our own sanitized chair insert of course)—suddenly back at home she stopped pooping in the potty. Those were weird and terrible times. I had to hug her while she pooped a few times. Once, I turned my attention away from Audrey on the big potty to read a few pages of a book to Rachel on the little potty. Audrey hopped off and came over for a hug, which she often does before going back up onto the big potty. This time instead she um…evacuated on my leg. Yep. I started to figure out she was using me as some kind of security blanket (among other things.) I coached her most every night to get over the fear of pooping on the potty and/or alone. Then, we had to travel again. (Cue ominous music.)

Actually, Christmas was problem-free at the Great Grandparents’, which was really a good thing. But this gave me a false sense of security. Again. When will I learn?

When the holidays were over and we were back home, the girls started having accidents. Pee accidents, which was strange. We started cueing them again every couple of hours and the accidents stopped after a couple of days. Since then it’s been mostly great except: they almost never poop in the potty. They are withholding it again. Every day. So the pees are fine…Audrey especially is a champ with pees, telling me right away and hiking it to the bathroom to go. And Rachel will go when asked. But poop? They only go in the training pants they wear to sleep, or when they can no longer hold out, and then they put up a real fight.

The last couple of days, Rachel has had numerous poop accidents. She tells me she has to go but then refuses to sit on a potty. She ends up pooping in her pants. One time Audrey cut in front of her at the potty (happens a lot) but Rachel was too late anyway. She was standing in front of it bent in half. More poop in the pants. The washer is constantly running.

But today she really surprised me. She had to go, but I tried to let her take charge because, well…she won’t go if I try to persuade her. She would go into the bathroom, then back into her room to play with her sister. Eventually I heard the dreaded cries, “poo poo!” She had crawled into her travel/sleep tent and let it go in there! Ugh.

Darling Rachel is going back to pants-free living here at home for awhile, so she can hopefully get a grasp of the basics over again. And I am eliminating training pants for both girls at nap time too. When I did this before the girls often stayed dry, but I slid back into using them daily and the girls have started actually using them too much.

It’s amazing how much energy this has taken. I know that I missed our magic window, and along with other reasons, that’s why it’s been such a challenge. But I never thought I’d be halfway into our third month and having this many problems. Hopefully we’re about to turn a corner. Anyway, it’s still better to be here than before the beginning, you know?


2 responses to “Potty Training Twins, Part Who Cares? I Mean Really, When Will It End?

  1. Russ says:

    Well, you don’t see very many corporate CEOs still wearing diapers, so I guess it ends sometime! (But not soon enough, right?)

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