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Finding Time For a Hobby

I believe in the importance of having some personal pursuits amidst my stay-at-home-momming. The reasons: a) making time for my own interests is part of leading a balanced life, b) I wanted to take up something (that costs less than golf) at which I can practice, practice, practice and become expert, and c) it’s very important to me to model both of these concepts for my girls.

both pockets

How I can keep my project handy but stashable. Can’t ignore the toddlers!

Wanting to try something new, I recently I took up crochet. Turns out it’s really fun and rewarding. I can make things pretty quickly, and even design things myself—and I only started at Easter! I’m thrilled to be able to “put one in the win column” right away. I can already count crochet as a bona fide skill, and I can get better and try many more advanced techniques from here.

There are great possibilities with crochet, including charity—another concept I want the girls to see in action. Many people crochet lap blankets for the infirm or beanies for preemie babies. I plan to donate some things in the future.

Now, how do I crochet with two needy toddlers around? I put the yarn in my left pocket, the project in my right, and that way I can stash it to help the toddlers a dozen times an hour. Crafty!

Below are some pictures of my projects—some are more primitive than others. I’m learning quickly!

One unexpected consequence: When crocheting at the park the other day, a woman asked me if the girls were my grandchildren! That’s a first. I blame the yarn and not my actual age. (Oh, shut up.)