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Beneath the cuteness lies a serious thinker

on February 27, 2016

stars-519627_1280We’ve decided that The Otter, with her sunshiny disposition and perfect manners, has a dark side.

While  driving up I-5 toward home recently, she looked out her window at the night and said, “These trees will lead us to our darkest fears.” I honestly think a chill went down Dad’s spine. I burst into laughter, loving her spookiness.

Later in the drive, she looked over at her soundly sleeping sister whose mouth and eyes (yes) were partly open and said plainly, “I think Rachel is dead.”

Days later she was drawing a tall building with many windows. She showed it to me after she’d added bodies jumping or perhaps falling from the top. I looked at the falling bodies and several lying on the ground beside the building and said “Wow!” just as she ran off with the picture saying, “Ooh! I need a red crayon to draw the blood!”.

And just the other day came the most profound of all the Otterisms. We were talking about someone’s injury—maybe the cat or a character in a book—and Audrey said to Rachel, “Everyone hurts, and everyone dies.”

She’s not wrong. Do we have a philosopher on our hands? Or just a realist?



2 responses to “Beneath the cuteness lies a serious thinker

  1. Cynthia says:

    It seems you have a fantastic Parenting Opportunity here — she is giving you insight into what she is ruminating about….fears, death, commonality of same, practical aspects of same. I suspect all children (including ourselves when we were small) think deeply. But they may not always drop a clue about it, and here she is talking about it. This is where a lot of people would insert religion as the answer to the questions she is posing internally. I wouldn’t, though. I’d simply ask her what she thinks – let her answer her own questions. That gives her space to think out loud, which (I think) leads directly into feeling accepted and normal, instead of secretive and isolated. She is lucky to have you as a mom! You appreciate her Inner Wednesday Addams.

  2. Janet S says:

    Good strategy. Currently, I just answer factually, and wait for them to ask for more specifics. Yesterday they wanted to know where the fly goes when the spider eats it, and I told them about the spider’s digestion, metabolism and poop. There were no questions about anything more abstract, and I’m not the type to offer that. I believe in waiting to see where they go with it. For now, death to them just means the end of being, but more is coming soon. If they ask me more about it, I would ask what they think, and I’d verify that everyone thinks different things about it, and that nobody actually knows.

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