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An Octopus Doing a Somersault


Cute li’l babblers.

The girls are pretty lazy with their speech, I must admit. They do a bit of “twin language,” which although it seems to be a mystery to onlookers, is simply a mash-up of words and phrases they know with lots of gobbledygook thrown in. They do a lot of filling in with rapid sounds like “goota goota goot”, which sounds really fun. There is no indication that they’ve made up their own words for things, unless you count funky pronunciation. All toddlers are famous for cute mispronunciations. Here are some of our favorites from the girls.

The Otter: oatmeal = “hot meal”; banana = “boo-nana”

Ray Ray: zebra = “zweebah”; tomato = “teemo”; cracker = “bwackeh”

An octopus doing a somersault would be an applesauce doing an applesauce.

An octopus doing a somersault would be an applesauce doing an applesauce.

Almost every 3-syllable word the girls know has turned into “applesauce”. They love applesauce. So they know “somersault” but now pronounce it “applesauce”. Then it gives them a hankering for applesauce. It’s all very clever.

Me: “Nice somersault!”
Ray Ray: “Yeah…applesauce!”
Me: “It’s ‘somersault’, not ‘applesauce’.”
The Otter: “Applesauce?! OKAY!”

Tricky bunnies.


Darling Rachel Receives Special Award

More for the Potty Training Trials file: Rachel has earned the weirdest place to have an accident award.

Last night, I heard her yelling about poo poo, which makes me move fast. I walked into the girls’ bedroom to see Rachel on hands and knees on her dresser, in a puddle of chunky vileness.

She was smart enough to avoid trying to climb down, as she probably would have slipped and gotten hurt.

Surprisingly I don’t run for the camera in these moments, but I did create this nifty illustration to give you the gist of the situation. Yes, she was wearing shorts.

I omitted the chunks in my illustration.